Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is news?
Come on!!!
I want my 30 seconds back I spent on reading this fluff.
It doesn't matter that I read this at IMDB, which is covered in fluff, what matters is
I don't blame the celebrity, they are just living their lives.
It's the bile sucking paparazzi and the greedy media outlets who feel that the dim witted Americans really have a need to know what shoe size Jim Belushi is currently strapping to him feet.
Come on already people! Stop buying these rags and live your own life. Stop living in Demi Moore's or whomever floats your fantasy at the time.

Applegate Caught Smoking

9 April 2009 6:30 PM, PDT

Actress Christina Applegate has shocked fans after she was photographed smoking a cigarette just months after fighting off cancer.

The Anchorman star underwent a double mastectomy after learning she had breast cancer - and she quit smoking immediately.

But her nicotine habit has proven too strong - and Applegate was spotted smoking in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

A source tells news show The Insider, "Christina had been a smoker for quite some time. She stopped smoking when she received her health news last year but, as everyone knows, it's difficult to break an addictive smoking habit.

"Considering all the stress she's had over the years, she had that occasional weak moment which has led to the occasional cigarette. We need to remember she's only human."

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  1. oh christ get over it.

    people tell me to quit all the time..

    i tell them 'nobody likes a quitter'



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