Friday, May 1, 2009


Have ya’all heard of that singer Michael Jackson?

Well maybe you also heard that he had a ranch called Neverland?

Moreover, that he is in really bad financial problems right now.

(I guess there was “issues” about be a pedophile or something.)


THIS is what happens when you have all the money in the world, no one to tell you “NO”


“Think about it first”


“Are you sure?’


“Holy god! Are you cracked?”

If Elvis were alive today he would say this guy "over does it a bit."

Think of all the sequins that now allowed to run wild and free without his constant hunting of them in their natural habitat.


Michael Jackson's weirdest detritus, a photoset

Wil Wheaton sez, "Paul Sheer's photos of his favorite items from the Michael Jackson auction are amusing, puzzling, hilarious, surreal, disturbing, and have that "horrific car crash that I can't look away from" quality that we've come to expect from anything associated with Michael Jackson."

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