Saturday, May 16, 2009

I remember mama

I still remember the very first play I saw that made me go “wow. Theatre is awesome.” I was in 6th grade in California and they trucked us off to the high school to watch a snippet from their production of “The Lord of the Rings” and they had a bright white cargo net as a web and did the whole scene in the cave and we watched as the net was hauled up with Frodo as it’s captive.
I thought that was damn cool.
Then we moved to Kansas and in the 8th grade. I went to go see our High Schools rendition of “Brigadoon.”
“She’s a witch.”
“Yeah we have those too back in Kansas. We just pronounce it differently.”
I ended up going all 3 nights.
Once I made it to High School, I remember the first production I witnessed. “Ten Little Indians”
I remember Paul Crandon losing the gun under the table and wilting for a second trying to find it.
I have yet to see a woman choked and strangled for as long.
I seem to also remember Paul had a little too much merlot one night and skipped ½ play as well.
I believe there was an after-party at Matt Orsman’s house as well that I was invited to.
I thought wow!
The theater has people who are REALLY rather odd!!
Hey! I’m rather odd too!

Never made it to the stage, though.
In my own defense, I never had the real desire to be on the stage.

My claim to fame was building sets and such
I was significant in creating the set for “The diary of Anne Frank.”
I created one whole section by the stairs by myself, just to get everything done.

I remember “marrying” My friend Ducky and this guy Derrick in the wardrobe room once in my junior/senior year. Then telling them I was truly an ordained minister thanks to a correspondence course I took.
“The holy church of reverent light and love” I think the name was.
I remember in my senior year making out with Mary in the rafters above the auditorium. (sometimes having a photographic memory DOES have it benefits.)

Sorry. Saw some old pics from High School and all this stuff came bubbling up to the surface.


  1. Ah, theater geeks...I do love them, though I'm not one myself. Most of my friends at my last college were, though. First thing that always comes to mind is "free cheese party," which was always followed by something rather less, er, proper... *snark*

  2. Paul Crandon here. Zombee's right... the dropped gun that was supposed to be recovered to save the day had taken a mean bounce, coming to rest UNDER a table draped with a generous cloth. I finally looked under the table/tablecloth to find the weapon [pronounced "wheppin" in my circles], in time to shoot the bad guy, who, yes, had been strangling the damsel for at least a few minutes.

    And while I've been known to sample a merlot, I can say unequivocally that I have never missed a cue, let alone half a show. It's okay, Zombee, a little writer's embellishment never hurt a good story.

  3. Wow - Comments from beyond. Cool.
    How you found this post is mystifying
    To be honest I never even noticed. It was Jennifer Cline who mentioned that after the play ended.
    If I dig in archives hard enough I believe it had something to do with a body on the beach, a red herring and an accusation?
    but hell, that was decades ago.
    Its all kinda fuzzy.
    Like a faint echo on a foggy day.

  4. Ahh, Jennifer Cline! Hey ZomBee - Come find me on Facebook so we don't have to go two years between comments! [~Paul Crandon~]


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