Sunday, May 10, 2009


Check this out.
I would like to buy the whole Windows suite but hey I have so many better uses for $500 bucks.
Anyway, check this out! Use the web version of Word, Excel and the lot.
or, just use Sun's version for all offline use.

ThinkFree is a free and comprehensive web based office suite, include online word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation (ex. Powepoint) tools. ThinkFree claims to offer the best integration with Microsoft Office.

Feature Overview

Create, Manage, Edit, Share and Collaborate on office documents online.
Microsoft Office compatibility: View/Edit your M.Office docs on ThinkFree and vice versa
Storage: 1 GB of free online storage.
Share documents with others and assign different user privileges (viewer, contributor, etc)
Version management: Detailed history of document changes, revert to any previous version when needed
Document editing: Quick Edit and Power Edit modes.
Search within all documents in your account.
Embed docs on your blog, website (or on ThinkFree Doc Exchange)
ThinkFree Premium (non-free): online and offline file synchronization, document archiving, full-scree mode, online/offline access, …
ThinkFree Online Office on ABC News

Check out ThinkFree

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