Friday, May 8, 2009

Dinnah is soived

freaky food fun: Insert dried spaghetti into hot dogs, then boil


"I wanted to point out to you that some people on LiveJournal came up with an idea of inserting dry spaghetti into hot dogs, then boiling it, and coming out with amusing culinary constructs that kids seem to love."

Dont bother clicking the imbedded links though unless you can speak Russian/Slavik?whatever that is.


  1. OMG! Thats so friggin gross looking that I have to try it!!

    The Demon Child said "Way cool Mommy' when I showed him the pictures.

  2. sorry if you get a similar comment from me; none of my browswers are working on all cylinders right now so i have to go back and forth twixt 'em to get my comments to go through sometimes. >_< so as i was saying. . . :P

    this is totally awesome! thankx for sharing the idea/link. ^_^ i might try this one day, if hot dogs ever stop being gross conglomerates of reject meat parts. ;D


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