Friday, May 8, 2009

One of my quirks

Have you ever over-analyzed a movie?
My mom and I do it all the time. It’s kinda “our thing”
Basically theorizing about what happened, and when this occurred and why so and so did what.
I love doing that.
Another thing I do is try to figure out what could have been done better or different for a given situation.
For instance: Titanic. If I were alone and on the Titanic (and not stuck below decks) more then likely I would have created a raft of my own using a door (or to be more precise, a BIG OL’ door)
Then probably have fashioned an oar or two using some badminton rackets and pillowcases.
It may not work but it sure beats just jumping into the ocean and hoping for the best.
What about the Zombie apocalypse? I have put a lot of brain time into this thought because it’s like watching your own movie starring you.

I am not going to bore you with ALL the small details but basically, it would boil down to getting my family to our local Wal-Mart as quickly as possible and commandeering it.
Well it is rather large so there would be some issue with parameter security but if you could get it secure, it would be the perfect place to hole up and wait it out for a few months.
I hope that I would have some friends and relatives along for help (I am afraid I would lose my Mother and father in law as they live like 1 block from a cemetery. I am afraid they would be a lost cause unless something fortuitous happened.)
Now it depends on what is going on at the local 24 hour Wal-Mart but more then likely, I would get the family in and on the roof as quickly as possible.
Then I would go about organizing the refugees inside to securing the doors and other portals. Especially making note to shutting off those automatic door openers. With those on might as well put a sign outside that says “Buffett”
Since the main entrance is glass, the best resource to use would be to stack the shopping carts up to make a strong yet convoluted barrier.
Once the boundaries are set it would be rather easy to wait the apocalypse out. You have food, water, weapons, heat, warmth and all kinds of accessories.
Enough of everything to last a small army for 2 months at least, 4 if you rationed and 6 if you count all the stupids who decide that Aunt Mabel cant be a Zombie, she is just acting like one as a lark. Those are the ones that you have to really watch for and put them down before they kill us all.
That is why you always have a backup plan, which would be to have a small reserve of supplies up on the roof, just in case the undead get inside.

Yeah, I have thought about this a bit and I did say I wouldn’t share ALL the small details. I kept my word too. I know this is a huge post (and probably dead ass boring to some.) but I like watching movies in my head.

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  1. LOL! zombee, you think too much. but i have a feeling the boyfriend has his own if-zombies-take-over-the-world plan too; he's borderline obsessed with those kinds of movies. xP

    i would commandeer a wal-mart without the zombie apocalypse. unlike their ceo's, i'd actually take pay cuts to make sure my employees made a living wage and had some essential benefits. . . but that's another story. . . hehe


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