Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A day in the life

This past Saturday the family unit split up for the day.
The wife and girl units went to World’s of Fun for the day on a band trip while the boy and I spent the day together.

Beast and I had a great day together. We went to my work (where we had to walk a mile to get from parking to building due to this River Fest thing that happens each year)*
We didn’t spend too much time at work as I had to journey off to my mother’s so I could watch my nephew’s wedding over the internet. They were married in Vegas on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to my sister, I found out that 2pm in Vegas is 4pm in Kansas (DUH!). So goofed off some and helped her get her pumps running in her basement. Major water damage each time it rains. Really, SUCKS and it’s COLD. You would think this global warming would make the rain a bit more tepid.
Wedding went ok from what we saw (couldn’t get any sound outta it) but it was kinda cool. Especially texting my sister while watching her.
Reminded me of that Drew Carey episode where Mimi ships him to China and he calls and tells Oswald that it is the next day there.
“Quick! What are the lottery numbers?” Oswald replies.
“It’s a different timezone, not the future you idiot.” Is the reply.
Just thinking of that cracks me up. (I can be easily amused)


Took Mom and Beast to go see Wolverine for Mother’s Day (My mom loves movies so it makes it pretty easy on me for mother’s day and birthdays).
I fully recommend the flick. Hell, I want to see it again!
After our long day, together Beast and I grabbed some Mickey D’s and lay in bed watching cartoons together before crashing.
Good times, good times

I guess the World’s of Fun trip went ok. All that was relayed to me was
On the way, back they stopped off at a rest stop. No a gas station or anything nice like that. Just the stalls and the porcelain pots to pee into. Not much, better then a wood outhouse except no splinters in the delicate regions.
Wildcat told me that the handicap stall was locked and a big sign that said out of order. In lumbers this glandular beast from their group who then proceed to lie down on the floor and slide, belly down, under the door.
Let me repeat that.
She then proceeds to sllliiddee her bulky body face down across this grimy, filthy, used to be white and is now anything but floor, into the stall to see why it is out of order. Satisfactory pleased that it is indeed broken and the plumbing experience of a 13 year old cannot repair the situation, she then proceeds to sslllliiidde back out from the stall.


Someone should have called the CDC to come and decontaminate this girl, immediately. Quickly bathing her in Lysol and penicillin based paste may have helped her from the future birth of a child reminiscent of Jeff Goldblum from "The Fly".
I know grown men who have squealed like little girls if they have to pick something up off the floor with forceps and barbecue tongs in these places, must less do a full body slide across the bacterial colony.
I am not a germaphobe by any means but UGH!

I need a shower.

*Oh and my boss at work has a band and they opened for Loverboy at the festival. Kinda cool!


  1. did you go watch SAID boss and his band PLAY?? if so, why didn't you sit with US?!?! :-)

  2. Nah we didnt go.
    Beasty wanted to go to Riverfest until he heard there were not any rides and people got drunk there. Then he wasnt so interested.


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