Monday, February 2, 2009

To beat a dead Horse

Please excuse the mess and some double-ups, I am condensing various other spots into this one. If you have read some of these before, then it’s corn. Just enjoy it a second time. Anyway, while I was talking to Hollywood I thought I might throw them a freebie
The Breakfast Club 2010
This is a movie I would like to see but I am also a sucker for a good cameo. This would be the breakfast club the next generation movie. Yeah I know the originals are old enough to be grandparents now but go with me.
The same archetypes of school kids except now the offspring are the opposites of what their parents were…
The Brain made lots of money so he his daughter is a Princess
The Jock wanted a son but got a daughter so she is Neurotic
The Delinquent’s son is the new Brain
The Princess had a life of leisure so her son’s a Delinquent
The Neurotic ended up going all holistic and health nutty and her son is the Jock

Make it the same movie but instead of being against 1 anal teacher, they rebel against the whole school. Making it more like a Ferris Bueller’s day off meets the Breakfast Club (yeah and name the principle Mr. F. Bueller). Wackiness ensues and through the movie the kids learn about themselves and each other (just like in the 1st movie). Then at the end their parents come and bail them out of a tight situation and that’s when we discover that the original Breakfast Club is their parents.

Told you I was sucker for a good cameo.
It would be a lil cheesy though if you could get Ringwald, Hall, Estevez, Sheedy and Nelson back to play the parents but pretty damn cool.

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