Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Cast of Characters

Who lives in your head?
Everyone has various persona and personalities that govern how they handle various situations. I believe it was Freud who named them the ID, Ego and Superego. Well that’s just boring, so mine have actual full on personalities.
First off lets set the stage.
My higher function arena is best pictured as a huge rotunda, very nice indeed. All marble floor and polished woods and shiny brass. Looking up there are levels and levels of doors and bookshelves that hold all my memories. Just goes up and up and up. Some doors are so high you cant even see them (distant memories),Some doors have chains and locks, some doors are obviously well used.
In the middle of the floor is a large mahogany and gold (very ornate) table,Here is where the board of director's sit and make council.

The Board of Directors are as such:

ZomBee: This is the main man. The “me” in charge that everyone sees each day. He collects the information from everyone else. The CEO and owner of the company as it were.

Mr. ZomBee : (You have to say it like Agent Smith from the Matrix) This is the cold calculating logical side. All businessman. Picture him wearing pinstripe suit and power tie. Not a smile to be had from this bloke, just the facts.

Joker: Straw hat, Hawaiian shirt, thongs and shorts. Looks like a beach bum and is in his young 20’s. This is the party guy. The funny guy, the smart ass. The wild child and the impulsive man. For Dave it’s all about the joy and not a single consequence.

Jacky: This is the young 8 or 9-year-old child. Petulant at times, sure but views the world with wonder and awe and everything is “COOL!!”

Shadowman: Hokey name I know but this is my dark side. This is the guy that is made of cold steel. Anything that is undesirable that needs being done this guy takes care of. Picture him dressed like Hugh Jackman’s VanHelsing character. Cool dude who takes care of business. Everyone has their place but they each will take orders from him when he is on the job.

Dishc: This is the romantic, the hopeless romantic. He is the one who flips all the heart switches with abandon. He has not a care in the world just the need to obtain the love and attention of all those around. He is routinely beat about the head and shoulders by Shadowman.

RAGE : This is the caged beast of all things bad. All the base emotions (Hate, jealously, love, self-loathing, etc) squished into one slobbering maniacal beast. All the pent up emotions and frustrations and feelings are fed to Rage each day...with a very long pole.

There are certainly other vice presidents and such but these guys run the show, They are my board of directors and each has a say when needed. Sometimes one will step in and take over when David requests a full on assist rather then just relaying the context of a situation.
I know, why go through all this trouble to visualize and create such persona with such detail? Well for one, I have found it easier to shut my brain down for sleep. I just picture Shadowman herding a slew of memories into an open door and shutting it behind them then making sure everyone else is off for lights out. If I wanna shut down any reservations and just have fun, I will bring Joker up on deck. By visualizing my persona characters it makes them more accessible to my needs.

Then again I could also just be a nut-ball, I don’t know.
“ In a world gone mad the nut-ball is the sane one."

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