Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Ghost to Ghost

I have always been fascinated by the supernatural and I have experienced some unexplained things to warrant this fascination.
For instance:
I used to live in a house that a guy (who I just happened to know) had been trying to obtain for over a year. He finally got everything straight with the VA and the bank and all that then promptly passed away before he could obtain ownership.
Wildcat and I moved in about 6 months later and I started experiencing odd things pretty quickly. By far one of the oddest was rather mundane but freaky at the time.
I was on the porch at twilight changing the porch light (why didn’t I wait until daylight to change a light outside well for 1. I am rather lazy and a procrastinator so when the urge strikes I must strike immediately or it’ll never be done. There really is no number 2)
Anyway, I was out there on the small concrete porch ( and I use the term porch loosely, it was really just 2 steps and a small landing.) I was on a small step stool with my electric drill taking out the screws.
First one came out just dandy but as the 2nd one was coming out my drill bit fell out. Now the sun is setting and it’s getting darker by the moment, so I want to get this done. I pay very close attention to where the drill bit goes so I can get it later. I felt it hit the top of my right shoe and then heard it land in the leaves to the right of the stoop. “OK, I know where it is.” I thought and continued replacing the light bulb.
When I was done with the light (I used a manual screwdriver to finish) I stepped off the ladder walked down the 2 steps of the porch and started rooting around in the leaves for the bit. No Bit. Hmm odd. Ok so I went back up the steps into the house, grabbed my flashlight and yup you guessed it. Back down the 2 steps and back to the spot I KNEW the bit was resting. Grumble, grumble, root, root, root and still no bit. By now it is dark so I figure “screw it” (no pun intended) “I will just look in the morning.”
As I go back up these 2 steps, low and behold, there is the bit on the top step. As far away from where I was working as possible and laying perfectly vertical to the end of the step.
Like it had been placed there.
I just stood there gawping at it (yes there was indeed gawping involved). Finally, Wildcat asked me what I was looking at. I asked her if she had put the bit there, of course she hadn’t. She hadn’t even been outside.

That wasn’t the biggest weird I experienced there but definitely the most blatant. Reasonable explanation? Sure, knock yourself out.

I know what I saw and what I didn’t saw…um see.

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