Friday, February 13, 2009

busting makes me feel good.

We moved into our current home about 2+ years ago and we have had “issues” since day one. The more notable ones have been…
I hear (just me, no one else) music coming from our master bath when no one else is home. It sounds tinny, like a bad speaker and it is localized to just this bathroom. I can hear it coming through the walls and I can hear it from the basement. I can even hear it when just sitting on the bed. It sounds so far away. However, when you go into the bathroom, there is no music. There are no radios or anything in the bathroom either.
I have watched doors open by themselves. For instance, I shut the living room closet, turned to talk to one of my offspring (they were in their room) and turned around to run face first into the door I just shut. At various times, I have fought doors to the garage and basement to both open and close. Trying to get it closed was like there was something stuck in the jamb and pushing on it you would get that bouncy-back movement from the door. Then it would just shut.
One time (not at band camp), I was lying in bed reading and waiting for the rest of the brood to come home. You know how certain sounds in your house you can immediately discern what is going on? I heard my front door open and boots come in. I heard the door slightly close as someone moved around the door to go into the kitchen. I heard the door close and the footsteps walk away from the kitchen and approaching the bedroom.
Then nothing…
I put my book down and sat there for a bit, waiting for Beast or PHM to jump around the corner.
I got up to investigate what in the world they were up to and, as you can guess by now, I was very alone. The front door was still locked and not a trace of anyone. I even went as far as hollering and searching through the house (not a big house, didn’t take too long). You know what I found?
That you can feel really stupid walking through your own house hollering and flipping on all the lights.
Finally, for now, I was getting ready for work one morning and had just woke up the Beast and went to the master bath. I took off my shirt (you have to be naked for showers) and I noticed this awful scratch on my shoulder. I stood there looking at it as it got redder and redder. I was mostly trying to figure out where it came from. Then, suddenly my left thigh started to throb AND BURN. I ignored it at first but then it started to really HURT.
I whipped off my house pants (yeah I wear PJs to bed, a habit born from 2 kids and not wanting to get dressed in the dark. Bite me) and on my thigh was an exact replica of the mark on my shoulder and I watched again as it grew angry and red and even wept some blood. I was injured in my own bathroom while getting ready to take a shower. That’s like spraining an ankle while watching TV!
Unfortunately, I do not have any pics of note to show but I do have witnesses to the marks themselves.
My buddy, Gears, bought me a smudging kit so “cleanse” the house. I haven’t used it yet. I am kind of curious to see what might happen next.

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