Friday, February 27, 2009

"I'll take that bet, you're gonna regret, cause I'm the best that's ever been."

Man, 28, Dies After 'Guzzling' Viagra During 12-Hour Romp

A Russian man died after guzzling a bottle of Viagra to keep him going for a 12-hour orgy with two female pals.

The women had bet mechanic Sergey Tuganov $4,300 that he wouldn’t be able to follow through with the half-day sex marathon.

But minutes after winning the bet, the 28-year-old died of a heart attack, Moscow police said.

“We called emergency services but it was too late, there was nothing they could do,” said one of the female participants who identified herself only as Alina.


I had a whole 'nother post in mind this morning after waking from the oddest dream (JayCee Leigh and I were living in the 3's company apartment (platonic) and she was the press secretary for a newly recreated and darker Michael Jackson.)

I don't make them, people, I just dream them.

Anyway, I ran across this and my first thought was "Good Bet".I don't know if I would have tried THAT hard though, the 2 girls have to bring something to the table as well.

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