Friday, February 20, 2009

Just pondering some heavy stuff.

Eden and the Bible

First off, let us start with Eden. Now, I do not have my Bible right here in front of me but from memory, Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel in the Garden of Eden. Cain became the very first serial killer by killing of 25% of the population so God told him to hit the bricks. Cain was then sent to the land of Nod where he found a wife.
Who says that Eden was on Earth? Let us say that Eden was on Mars or was Mars and Nod was what Earth is. Then when Cain came to Earth, he found…what? What could he possibly find on the planet that was close enough to his species to call “wife”?
This is where Theology and science come together.
I believe that Cain is that missing link that everyone has been talking about all these years. He is the mitigating factor that bridges the gap in primitive man.
Cain hit the planet, found a chick and they started to breed. Then along came Mom and Dad and wasn’t there a Seth too? They were eventually booted out too and started breeding themselves. This, as an aside, really shows how stupid and selfish humans are as a species even from the start.
This explains the science we have found (dinosaurs, homoerectus, cave paintings, etc.) and coincides with what the Bible says too.
So why all the arguing? I know I cannot be the first person or the last to think of this.

This leads me right into my second point, the Holy Bible. Humans are a selfish, ignorant, self-serving, parasitic species (as a whole). It has been written in ancient history that the Holy Bible, while divinely inspired, was assembled and translated by man.
That means…
Man chose which books to be included and which to be excluded. Other books and gospels were available to be included. However, man chose the ones they liked the best, which fit together the best into their ideas of this book and excluded the rest. Some were preserved by people thinking, no, knowing that this information was crucial and should not be lost to the ages. Hence, the Dead Sea scrolls.
Kings and Popes oversaw all the transcribing from the ancient languages into the Latin that was used by the church. So picture this, here sits a King reading a passage and he comes across a section that he does not like. Maybe it gives too much hope to the people; maybe it conflicts with something he has done in his life, whatever. Therefore, he tells the Pope and the Pope tells the monks to rewrite it.
And they do.
Now I know you are going to say, but Zombee what about the Pope having more power then the Kings at that time? Besides, the church would not allow something like that to happen.
Well, I would respond with, THE CHURCH USED TO SELL THE EXTRA “GOODNESS” THAT SAINTS HAD CREATED. That’s right! They did. They figured that a Saint was so saintly and good and they had done so much good in their life that they had to have leftovers. They would then sell these slips of paper to the common folk as a “get out of Hell free” card. The papers (I forgot their name) were for sins not yet created by the person who bought it.
Maybe you didn’t hear me,
The Holy Church, ran by the Pope (duh) would sell forgiveness to people in advance of the sin. It was this very thing that sent ol’ Marty Luther over the edge and created the reformation and established the Lutheran church and the Protestant belief.
Now, that is just one example of the church over extending their boundaries. Don’t you think there would be more? Don’t you think that they would not think twice about dropping a sentence here or reforming an idea there while writing the Bible?

OK one more argument. You could take the stance that God would not allow the Bible to be changed into something he did not want it to be. Well, I do agree with that point. However, then you have to think of the free will that God has given us to make our own decisions.
I think he may have looked down, saw what they were doing to his word and thought, “Well, they are screwing that up too. Oh well, that is their decision. At least they have a bit of it right.”

Well, what do I know anyway

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