Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MONEY... It's a gas.

Why doesn’t the government just sell of the space program and make it a public franchise? If it were a privately owned corporation in itself, we would already be populating the moon.
Not only would there be great leaps and bounds in the space program but think of all the taxpayers’ money that would be saved by not investing into a money pit that is mired down by the bureaucracy that created it.

It’s the same with the Post Office. With the increasing use of electronic, everything the post office is now hiking their rates again AND considering just delivering mail on 5 days instead of 6.
I say, sell them off to a corporation who can better handle the enterprise as a corporation and not just a division of the government. If they did that, we would get cheaper rates, faster mail and again LESS taxpayer money being used.

Many of these federal institutions are still around and being funded by our money because.
1. Someone is making a buck
2. That’s the way it has always been
Now I will grant you that there is some security in knowing that the government is watching over our mail and such and making sure, it gets to us.
Look at our government’s record of accomplishment on how they run stuff. If the government itself were a corporation, we would have been bankrupt and outta business a long time ago.
Some of the government branches are just aching to be stand-alone businesses ran to not just serve the public but actually turn a profit as well.

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