Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have a dear friend who is currently being harassed by a crazy psycho guy via texting. Of course, naturally, I want to grab a couple of goons I know and go “break” the news to this guy. In my youth this would have already happened (Hell, I took out my ex-brother-in-law while on the clock at work when I was 17.) but now days everything is all legalized and sanitized.
You just cant go hunt a person down and play pin the tail on the dirtbag with a nail gun anymore. The good ol’ days where someone got a beat down for their birthday and the situation was resolved is long gone. *sniff*

Made me start think of celebrities and the paparazzi.

GOD! How do they take it?
I know that some celebrities encourage it *coughpariscough*
Come on! Seriously?! I pick my nose and scratch my ass, as I am sure each person in the world has done at one time or another. (Usually not at the same time, though)
I certainly wouldn’t want my own personal gold mining expedition trying to pull my tighty-whities outta my nether regions on the cover of People.
Or have a headline in the rags reading “ ZOMBEE farts – How will the effect his current position.” “Oprah sends charity money to investigate fart research in Zombee’s name.”

I do not CARE if George Clooney knows how to cross the street on green.
I do not CARE if Brad Pitt is slurping a mochachino.
I do not CARE if Jennifer Aniston is wearing a blue tank-top to Starbucks.
I DO CARE if Angelina Jolie is eating a banana (but that’s different.)

The there are the orc hoards that fall upon these people as they just try and run through their mundane lives with their children. I agree with wassherface, Julia Roberts. Leave the poor kids alone. Keep them out of the shot.
Show some class here.
Ok so you get an extra 200 bucks if you can get a picture of Britney holding her kid upside down.

Good for you!

Now that kid has a picture of his mom he can marvel over when he is in Promises freaking out because NO ONE EVER LEFT HIM ALONE.

But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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  1. The Angie-with-banana comment made me laugh out loud :) The celebrity I've noticed who has done a pretty good job of keeping the press from his kids is Bon Jovi, and I commend him for that.


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