Friday, February 6, 2009

Rock and Freakin Roll

I had a neuron misfire and a memory came flooding back

I went to a concert here in Wichita with my best buds Blake and Buffy and some others. It was Pantera and Type O and we went in knowing it was going to be a rough crowd (well not the kind of crowd you would find at a Barbara Streisand concert.)
Anyway, the night started off on the rocky side for me to begin with, (women issues) so by the time we go to the coliseum I felt this mood fall over me (and I was as sober as a judge, too). Can’t quite describe it really but it was a rather self-destructive feeling and I grew rather quiet. My friends said that I had a “scary” look in my eye. I don't know. I do remember that stuff sounded under waterish.
Before the concert started, some jack-hole tried to steal my sunglasses. He made it 1 foot past me before I was tapping on the back of his head. He just smiled and sheepishly handed them back.
OK concert comes up and Type o is awesome. Great show! Loved it. It ended way too soon.
Pantera comes out and their sauce is weak! During their set, they had the front stage mosh pit that was going rather strong. If you have never been in a mosh pit or haven't seen one let me briefly describe it. There are two circles, 1 inside of the other going in opposite directions. The object of this dance is to bump into each other as hard as possible.
Stupid. (and yes I have done it, doesn’t change the fact its stupid.)
However, there were these whirlpool Mosh Eddies that would float across the coliseum floor as well. A fresh mosh pit would open up at random, move across the floor for a few feet and then disperse. I'll bet it looked really cool from the rafters. Like watching a tide pool of human bodies.
Well Blake, Buffy and I were standing there on the floor watching a couple of these whirlpools of flesh open up when it finally dawned on me. Given where we were on the floor and the proximity of the last couple pits.... I glanced behind us just in time to see our pit open and float toward us. I had just enough time to tell Blake to “MOVE!” and gave him a shove. Blake didn't even think twice about it, reacting on instinct, he braced himself as best he could (and Blake is no small guy either) and protected Buffy with his body. He held his ground as they both watched in horror as I was swept away. They both said later that Buffy even had to grab Blake to keep him from being swept away but one second I was there and the next I was just gone!

So, that was it. I was now caught up in the mosh pit and it was moving so fast, I could not get out. I have been in my share of pits before so I knew what to expect but tonight was not the night for this. I knew that if I went down it was going to hurt. I needed to get OUT. I knew which direction I wanted to go and I started acting before I even realized I had a plan. I shoulder hit one guy as he came by and at the same time, I stuck my combat boot out and tripped him. This caused him to fall, not very gracefully, but enough so that it slowed the other people coming toward me.
I then grabbed the guy going past me by the back of his shirt collar and shoved him in the direction I wanted to go. His momentum helped as he went stumbling and flaying toward the stadium wall. Ah the wall. I knew it had to be there somewhere.
I then stepped on and over the guy on the floor as I followed my human battering ram through the crowd to the wall. Once at the wall, I leap for the railing and with a jump and a grunt, I was able to climb up on the wall. Squinting into the dark into the sea of black T-shirts and flashing lights, I watched and watched until I found Blake and Buffy again. By this time the mosh eddy had dispersed completely and I was able to wade my way into the sea once again until I found my friends.

That is pretty much the only thing I remember from the whole concert.

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