Friday, February 13, 2009

oh-toe go-toe Captain Solo

I know it has been a while since they all came out but I finally sat down and watched the STAR WARS SAGA (you have to capitalize it like that) from beginning to end. OK, OK I did not watch each movie in it’s entirety I do have some small resemblance of a life. (not really..)
Now that the SAGA is complete it really does put a completely new spin and prospective on 4, 5, 6. A New Hope is almost like watching a completely new movie now that I know all about the BAMF in the cape. I can see Obi-Wan in a new light and I can wonder what drove Yoda mad on Dagobah in such a short 25 years */-. There are only a few inconsistencies that bother me.
1. OK so you are Anakin and you are born of the Immaculate Conception on a desolate planet where you grow until you are about 9 years old. Then you get a chance to escape but your mom cant go (tears). So you run out, save the galaxy and then come back for her a few years later just to have her die in your arms. However, you did find out she married and you have a stepbrother named Owen.
Then WHY, in the name of all that is holy and good, why would Obi-Wan do such a bone headed thing, as give over Anakin’s child to Anakin’s only known relative in the whole known universe to raise? Granted Owen and Beru were not inviting Vader over for Thanksgiving each year but couldn’t Ben have found someone or somewhere more discreet then Tatoonie?
I can forgive this however, saying he was being very clever and hiding the child in plain sight.
2. Yoda taught Count Dooku who taught Qui-Gon-Jin who taught Obi-Wan who taught Anakin (pretty much). Then why in ESB does Yoda say that he cannot teach Luke he is too reckless and Kenobi says “wasn’t I when you taught me?” (I am paraphrasing here people cut me some slack for not direct quoting at 2:30 in the morning.) So at what time did Yoda teach Kenobi?

But this I can forgive as well, saying that after Qui-Gon was killed Even though Kenobi was a Master he still acted as Pupil to Yoda right before the clone wars.

There is really only 1 thing I can never ever forgive.
That’s just wrong!!
**stomping off in a huff***

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