Thursday, April 1, 2010


I was on my lunch today enjoying a walk in the brilliant warm sunlight and a raggedy old man approached me on a bike.
His hair was long and brown and his beard was gray as steel.
His bike had an old milk crate tied to the handlebars to use as a basket.
I wasn't going to give this guy a second thought.
In fact I was thinking "hmm another one of those homeless people."

Then he slowed as he passed me and said in a chipper voice.
"Have a blessed day!"
I did not know what I was expecting, if anything at all, but that took me by surprise somehow.
"Why, you too!" I managed to get out as he pedaled past.
"Oh, I will!" he called back to me and smiled.
I went on about my walk and realized
That for that one maybe two seconds there I actually felt better.
Better about everything and everyone.
I know I have only had about an hour of sleep and I am sure a veil of grumpiness will soon overtake me.
But you know what?
Thank you bike man.
I think I will have a blessed day today.
Yes sir, I believe I will.

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