Monday, April 5, 2010

pretty good relationship

I think I have a pretty good relationship with my offspring.
They know that daddy will listen.
Daddy will let them give their side of any story.
Daddy is fair.
They also know (PHM more than Beasty) that Daddy is slightly unstable.
That daddy wasn't always the man they know.
Daddy used to be a bad, bad man.
That daddy is nice to them because he loves them and he loves them so he is nice to them.
That daddy can be a right down dirty bastard if he needs to be.
That daddy has a temper that gets away from him. (see blog point on temper)
This has worked to PHMs advantage at times, she even like to tell the story about how her daddy once stabbed a pencil into a guys leg just for messing with his coat.
(see blog point on pencil)

Well now she is 14 going on 15 and boys are in the picture.
Today I was reading her text messages, which is a chore in itself as she gets thousands of them.
I was just doing a spot check as I am within my right to do.
(she screams privacy but she knows that I pay for the phone and I am the daddy so I can look if I want.)
I ran across one boys text that said
And I quote.
"I would like a bj but you said you didn't do that."
Now I give my girl credit for saying she doesn't do that (no matter what the context is) and I give her the benefit of the doubt that she is still holding strong onto her Christian values about sex.
She knows that daddy is easy going and lets her do a lot of stuff her mother doesn't just because her mother will say no automatically, no matter what the issue is.
If it inconveniences Wildcat then it is not to be done. PHM knows she can talk to me about anything and the only stipulation I demand is to not lie to me.
Don't lie to me because when you do I don't know when I can trust you and this has worked out rather well.
Therefore this boy must die.
Ok maybe not die but I am certainly going to put the fear of Zombee into her and her friends.
That kind of talk is not ok for 14 year olds period and I don't care who you are you will not talk to my daughter like that. She is also not a piece of girlmeat to be referenced in such a manner.

Tonight I will hear her side of the story but she knows I am very mad about it and knows that this boy had better not show his face anywhere within 100 yards.
Oooh I am kinda hoping this kid tries to play tough guy!
The whole "I'm not afraid of your dad." routine.

I invented that routine.

All I will have to do is make mention to PHM that I will be "calling a visit" to this kid with her Uncle Blake (my brother from another mother.) and she will truly fear for his life.

Sometimes having a bed rep is a good thing.

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