Monday, April 19, 2010

Mississippi Proming

Now I am sure you have all already heard about this injustice done to this poor girl in Mississippi but let me recap this for you.
Gay Girl.
Girl wants to go to her prom.
Girl wants to bring a date.
People freak.
School cancels prom.
ACLU sues school.
Court says "Hold the damn Prom"

Now this...

Lesbian panic victim invited to Potemkin Prom?

Remember Constance McMillen, the teenage lesbian whose impending attendance at high school prom led school administrators to cancel it for everyone? The ACLU sued them and won, but it looks like the locals in Itawamba County, Miss., had a plan to end-run the ruling. They organized a private prom and invited her, but it turned out to be a fake: only a handful of students were in attendance. The real prom, to which everyone else was secretly invited, was arranged and held elsewhere Neal Broverman of The Advocate quotes her: "They had two proms and I was only invited to one of them. The one that I went to had seven people there."

OK so they hold a fucking fake prom for this girl?!
That is wrongness on many different levels.
That is not fair, that is cruel.
This sounds like a bad John Hughes movie
"16 Candles"+ "Footloose" - "Soul Man" / "Mississippi Burning"

High School is hard enough. Being part of a minority is hard enough.
To do something this low brown and deceitful is shameful.
Sure you could just shrug and say "well that's Mississippi."
And then the music goes WAH-WA-WA
And everyone laughs and we cut to commercial.

But this is the really real world and there are no second takes. Just deep wounds that never fully heal.
What takes me the most aback is "the kids" couldn't have pulled this off by themselves.
This was orchestrated by the parents.
Seriously? Is that what you want to teach your child?
Fuck you, you single minded simplistic bigoted fuckstain.
I sincerely wish and hope that karma wipes her ugly butt with you.

*whew*--I need a drink
1 more thing...
Who were the 7 other people there?
2 goths, an emo, the science nerd and the ugly girl who smells in gym?
Do you think that the quarterback and prom queen runner ups were there?
The beautiful people?
Where do you draw the line?


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