Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jack of all trades / Master of none

where did I fuck up and miss the boat?
At some point during my life I missed the huge flashing sign that says
Now I have to pay for my oversight.
Dont get me wrong I “like” the job I have now but it just isn't my life's work.
I am a good employee in that I give all I can each day to my employer.
I master all trades quickly and can always find a way to do something better and faster no matter where I am.
(Yes it's my damn horn so I am gonna toot it!)
I can literally do a little of everything from Accounting to Zebra washing.
Plumbing, computers anything, interior design, logistics, hunting, fishing,writing, espionage, strategy are all bits and pieces of my repertoire.
I hate them all.
I have the knack, ability or curse whichever you want to call it of grabbing hold of an idea or a subject and latching on to it. I grab it by the throat, dive right in and immerse myself in all things “IT”. I shake it, I twist it this way and that, I stretch it out and roll it up.
Then I am done.
Once I have sucked all the juice out of whatever caught my fancy it is off to something else and I never ever want to hear anything having to do with “IT” ever again.
Cause I have already done “IT”
That's one of the reasons I am where I am today. I never found that one thing that held my attention long enough to want to do it for the rest of my life.
Knowing this is rather depressing* as I know I will always work for someone else and I will never be rich or well off or have more then my nose above the debt poverty line.

*as for depression, after 7 long dark years I can finally say that I see light in the tunnel. The black has turned to gray and life seems a bit more interesting. I even have enough energy to actually do more then just sleep on the weekends. Yay me!!

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