Friday, April 9, 2010

Cast of Characters

OK people out there, I want to pick apart pieces of your brain.
I am creating a gang of miscreants for a literary endeavor and I am not stuck by any means but I would like some fresh views.

A little background here:
It is normal times, maybe a bit in the future. The world as we know it is at war within every border. 2 races are using the earth as their own private battleground for their games. 1 group comes in early and infiltrates the general populace and to seize control and the other race has to subvert and conquer the first. The winner is whoever has conquered the planet after which they go on to the next inhabited planet.
The catalyst day (the starting bell) was when the whole earth turned blue for 4 minutes. Not like looking through sunglasses kind of hue but truly and actually blue.
After which humans were divided into 4 categories

1. DOA

2. Undead

3. Mutated

4. Empowered

5. Unchanged

What I want from you is to help me flesh out my characters a bit. Like I said, I can do it but I want fresh view points. 1 thing I ask is nothing typical or stereotypical. If it's been done before then I try to steer away from it. Give them powers if you like, add a name as you see fit. Knock yourselves out.
This is just a gang, I haven't developed the Big Bad yet. I would say 10 characters in all would suffice.

Comeon let's see whatcha got.

Vinnie Vidiviny : Older man with stringy, graying, greasy hair and receding hairline. Dresses like a 50's greaser with white T-shirt, blue jean, work boots and black leather jacket. His age looks to be in his lower 60's but acts like a teenager or at least tries to. With his pale skin and significant paunch he looks like an accountant trying to act tough. Vinnie is a known pedophile and practices a variety of other deviant sexual practices. He is a coward and a bully. He is only as tough as his protection allows him to be. He is kept around and tolerated by the group only for his gopher values and his lap dog like demeanor.

DoubleTap (Dub):

Keano: Samoan?

G-Had: skinny white Muslim rap wanna be kid?

Frankie and the Cat: 2 women very hot.

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