Saturday, April 3, 2010

Almost made a point there...

It's really diversified what one person can put up with and another cannot.
For instance
My father HATED thieves.
I don't mind thieves as long as there is a use and reason.
Don't get me wrong, stealing is wrong but every rule has it's exceptions
Stealing to steal is stupid and juvenile but stealing to augment a poor rate of pay is understandable (in my book). Doesn't make it OK but if you have to feed your family then you will do whatever it takes.
So no I don't hate thieves per se.
Just don't steal from a person. If you feel you HAVE to steal the do it from a company/corporation, etc. they have the insurance to take care of the difference.
If you are going to do something wrong or illegal you have to go into it understanding that there is a 99% chance you will be caught and you will be punished. So don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
I am teaching my kids that stealing is indeed wrong and that something means more to you if you earn it rather than have it handed to you (or you hand it to yourself)

My mother HATES liars.
I don't mind liars either. Actually I am rather gullible in that I take everything at face value.
I usually will tell my kids that I know that they lied and they have been caught in their lie and they will be punished for being caught. There has been 1 or 2 though, that extreme measures were taken to enforce a lie and I have let that slide.
No, I certainly do not want my children lying on a regular basis but I have been known to let a good lie slide.
Oh I know that is just horrible I am failing my kids in what is right and wrong.
I don't see it that way.
Look around, the world aint "Little House on the Prairie" out there.
This world is just 2 steps below "Mad Max".
Kids today need different survival skills basics to just exist much less function in today's world.
I myself believe in 99% truth 99% of the time and that I do enforce.
Why? Mainly because it is easier to remember the truth then it is a lie.
Sometimes the truth is harder to take then a lie anyway.
The same rules applies though, you have to go into it knowing you will be found out.

However some occasions demand a lie and everyone knows this yet no one wants to acknowledge it.
"Yes. That is pretty."
"I like what you like."
"Elect me."
"You are the best!"
"I had an orgasm."
"He did not suffer."
We even lie to ourselves every day.*
"I look good", "My life is super!", "I couldn't be happier.", "I love my job."

So why not learn how to craft a well framed lie? It is a skill that you will need in your life.
I used to be a grand liar (not really something you want to brag about) until I came to a point in my life where I feel I don't have a reason to lie.
I say what I think and the rest be damned.

OK hold on... I had a point to this when I started here.
I was going somewhere with this...
The train has derailed, gone over a cliff and disappeared.

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