Friday, April 16, 2010

Strange days indeed

OK before I get to the odd and wondrous things I found on listverse let me start by relaying 1 experiment I did.
When I was a junior in High School I had a very best friend named MR.Smith*. MR.Smith and I were inseparable, almost married. We thought alike, we acted alike we even finished each others sentences. I knew we went to bed around the same time (1030ish) and he lived on one side of town and I on the other. One Sunday night I thought I would try an experiment so I lay down and got comfy.
I cleared my mind of all the clutter and debris from the day and thought of a color. Not basic color but a specific color. I am pretty sure I started with Orange.
I thought long and hard at orange and interspersed the color with a picture of Mr.Smiths face.
I did this for 30 minutes exactley.
damn I have no idea how to spell ezactley tonight. Screw you spellcheck! This is my blog!
anyway the next morning the very 1st time I saw MR.Smith the first words out of my mouth were "What Color?"
He looked at me rather nonplussed.
"What Color?" I repeated. No hints. No clues. Not even wearing the color (easy as all my clothes were black and various shades of black anyway)
Finally he shrugged and asked "orange?'
"Interesting." I replied and dropped the subject.
I would not speak of it at all.
I did this each night and each morning for a week. each time a new color and each morning he nailed it. Well each one except for Thursday morning.
Finally Friday after school I explained to him what I was doing and how it was remarkable he got 4 out of 5 correct.
"Oh that's easy enough to explain" he added "Wednesday night I was up until 1 in the morning."
Ok thats my story so check these out.

Dubbed the Rain Boy in 1983, Donnie Decker was visiting his friend’s house when he abruptly went into a trance-like state. Immediately after, the ceiling began to drip water and a mist filled the room. His friends immediately called on the landlord who was alarmed by what he was seeing. Some time later, Donnie was at a restaurant with other companions when rain started pouring down their heads. The restaurant owner immediately forced him out. Years later, due to a petty crime, Donnie was put into jail where he caused chaos when rain started to pour down in his cell. After angry inmates complained, Donnie explained that he could make it rain when he wanted to, and proved his point by dumping rain on the jailor on duty. Eventually, he was released from jail and found a job as a cook at a local restaurant. His present whereabouts is unknown – as is the cause of the mysterious rain.

The townspeople of Oakville, Washington, were in for a surprise on August 7, 1994. Instead of their usual downpour of rain, the inhabitants of the small town witnessed countless gelatinous blobs falling from the sky. Once the globs fell, almost everyone in Oakville started to develop severe, flu-like symptoms that lasted anywhere from 7 weeks to 3 months. Finally, after exposure to the goo caused his mother to fall ill, one resident sent a sample of the blobs for testing. What the technicians discovered was shocking – the globs contained human white blood cells. The substance was then brought to the State Department of Health of Washington for further analysis. With another startling reveal, they discovered that the gelatinous blobs had two types of bacteria, one of which is found in the human digestive system. However, no one could successfully identify the blob, and how they were connected to the mysterious sickness that plagued the town.

Is it just me or doest that stain on the wall look like a person staring at you? Yup, its one of the many faces of Belmez that the Pereira family home is used to having. For over twenty years, the faces that appear can resemble males or females. They also arrive with different expressions every time. Strangely, the faces only stop at the house for a quick visit before disappearing. Investigations have been preformed upon the house to discover what was causing the faces to spontaneously pop up. One investigation exhumed and removed a human body from under the house, but that still didn’t stop the faces from making round trips. Several hypotheses have been formed to help explain this strange reoccurring phenomenon, but overall, no conclusions have been come to.

The Hutchison Effect refers to the number of eerie phenomena that occurred when inventor John Hutchison attempted to replicate a few of inventor Nickola Tesla’s experiments. Some of the strange events witnessed include levitation, fusion of objects completely different in matter (such as wood and metal), and disappearances of some smaller objects. Even stranger is that after his experiment, Hutchison was unable to repeat the project again with the same results. This experiment was so popular it even sparked the interest of NASA and the Military, both whom have failed to produce the Hutchison Effect.

*MR.Smith is a genius incarnate. His IQ is off the charts! Even if he considers debris and debris to be two different words.

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  1. WOW! I like the unexplainable, it makes me feel more normal. Does that make sense?


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