Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Character Development

I am 6foot 320 pounds of pure Mississippi Blues man. My name is Blind Papa Lime and I was born a poor black boy without the sight that the good lord gave a duck. But I aint bitter, Oh Lord no! For what the good lord almighty didn't give me he done gave me back extras in spades.
Ya see. My eyes might be as useless as handles on a pillow but my ears and nose are better than any blue tick hound dog this side of the Appalachia.
I cans hear a woodchuck fart on a windy and tell you what he had for lunch, just as long as he's downwind of course. HEEJA! HAWR-HAW!
Now I was down paying this gig in this ol stinkdive in New Orleans. Werent mucha place to talk about, really. Just the smell of cold beer, warm piss and well lets just say very excitable ladies. HAWR-HAW!
I was kicking back laying out some smooth tunes on my old sax-E-phone when I smelt the distinct odor of death. Now in my 67 years of being on Gods green earth I have smelled death many o time. Fresh dead from a bad brawl or old death from a junkie forgotten in a back alley. Aint never smelled good no matter what. This wont now normal death son. This hear was a sick death. From the sound of the shuffle I figure there was a somethin comin around that I rightly didn't wanna have nuthin to do with.
By the time I finished my note and started to say my hasty goodbyes I heard the voices of confusion and panic commin from the front of this dive. I heard the snarls and whimpers of evil and death and the smell of fresh blood. I gots to tell ya, I was SCARED! Then it got all quiet like and I heard the shuffle-shuffle man again and we was close. I could smell the evil dead comin outta him like a scared skunk. He was makin some sort of gurgling, chompin, noise that sounded more animal then man.
Well I hated to do it, cause I do love my music makers so, but I swung my sax-e-phone like I was Willy Mays heading for a homer! I felt it connect good and solid I did. Didn't feel right neither. More squish then bounce if ya get my meaning.
I figured if one was gonna slow him down the 2 outta stop him. This time I came down like I was a choppin wood for the winter and I heard that boys body hit the floor with an almighty squish and thud.
So here I be still dressed to the nines using my God given talents to help those that need helpin till the good Lord feels fit to call me home.

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