Wednesday, April 7, 2010


For years now, to fall asleep at night, I have developed 3 movies that I watch in my head. Well maybe not whole movies, I have never seen how they end. Basically I guess you could call them scenarios.
A fantasy world all of my own.
A playground for the mind.
By doing this it keeps my brain from rolling around what I would be worrying about or whatever is burning up the gray matter at the time.

1. If I was King: This is a generally new one but it is basic in its function. I am monarch of the entire world. Oh I let the presidents and leaders rule their countries but I rule them. It's your average everyday power trip.

2. Mutant: A meteor swims through the cosmos for eons and is struck by lightning just as it enters into the earth's atmosphere. The lightning then strikes me, as I am carrying a box load of comic books out to the garage. The pages are left blank as I am endowed with all the powers of all the superheros ever. This is an action orientated one in what would I do with this new power. Fight Crime? Maybe later. Get rich quick? Yeah!

3. I am infective: This is usually when I am pretty horny and nothing to do with it (like usual). My touch makes everyone my slave to my every whim. Women fall down at my feet and beg for just a touch. Again another power trip but this one has a lot fucking in it.

I used to have 2 other ones but I had to stop using them because I found they would have adverse effects on me. For instance Zombie World would have a tendency to get the adrenal glands pumping and make me restless as the whole flight or fight thing would kick in.
The other was richest man.
Yet another power trip but this one usually would leave me down and depressed as any thoughts of money have no business in your head when you are trying to sleep. Also this one would have too much reality infused in it so it would have a tendency to bring me down and make reality force its way into my head.
I have since trained my brain that when these movies pop up on the big screen in my head my body starts to shut down knowing it's time to sleep.
I don't know what other people do to fall asleep.
Wildcat and Beast both hit the pillow and go out where PHM and I have a tendency to have to sit around and wait to fall asleep (if at all).
Might as well have some fun while you are waiting.
Best waiting room in the world and there is no co-pay.

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  1. I build a dream cabin in the woods to fall asleep. Never thought about a movie but I might try that. I want to star in my own Super Hero movie. What powers shall I have? Hmmmm ....


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