Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Talk dirty to me.

Great Idea but dont leave the porn or (game show) running while using it or you could set your hooha on fire.

New Vibrator For Women Responds To Voice Commands

A British company has created the first voice-activated vibrator, a device that'll have have women across the world shouting a collective 'Oh yes'.

The sex toy, which is already on sale in the country, reacts to commands from the user telling it to go faster, slower or even harder.

But that's not all, women can even personalize the instructions by programming nine functions with their own keywords, eg. "Oh yes" rather than "faster."

Many are predicting it'll be a big hit with the ladies. The UK's 'Sun' has one such expert commenting that: "Communication is key to a healthy relationship, and there's no relationship healthier than that of a woman and her vibrator."

"The fact that she can now make demands and this can respond really should have men worried. If they don't want to be made redundant they need to sit up and listen."

The device costs approximately $150.


  1. Now where did I put my credit card...

  2. sounds like something every girl should have in their nightstand.


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