Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My dork cup over runneth

This post is mainly just for me but if ya'all can appreciate it well I certainly wanna hang with you.

First 'Superman' Comic Book Fetches $317,200 at Auction:

A rare copy of the very first Superman comic, dating back to 1938, has sold at auction for $317,200.

It's one of the highest prices ever paid for a comic book with only one hundred copies left of the issue. The comic was put on sale by its previous owner who bought it for less than a dollar at a secondhand store in the early 1950s when he was nine years old -- 35 cents to be exact.

The man then forgot about it until 1966 when it emerged in his mother's basement and he's held on to since hoping it would gain in value.

It was thought the comic could have gone for as much as $400,000 with so few Action Comics No. 1 known to exist, and even fewer of them up for sale.

One collector describes the book as "the Holy Grail of comic books" as Superman is generally recognised as the first superhero.

The issue features Superman lifting a car on its cover -- with a June 1938 cover price of 10 cents.

Last year, an auction was able to raise enough money to save the Ohio home where Superman was created by writer Jerry Siegel and illustrator Joe Shuster in 1932.

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