Friday, March 6, 2009


I really have been a bit selfish here. Let me take a moment to give you a glimpse of one of my offspring.

The BEAST as he is affectionately referred to ( after the Xmen's Beast! I wouldn't insult the boy.)

This little 10 yr old of mine has got it made (fingers-crossed)

He is very cute (gonna be a heart-breaker as he gets older), he has an uncanny comedic timing, more energy then the western seaboard, a heart as big as Wisconsin (that he does wear on his sleeve. His heart not Wisconsin).

He truly cares about other people ( he got suspended for 5 days last year for defending a friend on the play ground and is still the first person to stick up for another.) He acts like a big brother to all kids littler then him. This kid is truly amazing!! I couldn't be prouder..

He also, listens when it suits him, has a stubborn streak as wide as the Mississippi, loves to beat and torment his older sister and generally causes his parents to go cross-eyed from aggravation.

I think his biggest downfall is going to be his natural trust of everything and everyone.

I already HATE the person that takes that away from him.

But I will give the boy this. He can be FEARLESS.

For instance, in 2007 we were at a cousins wedding and the reception was rockin!! DJ, Dancing and Drinks.

We kept hearing laughing and applauding coming from the room so I went to investigate.

I returned with a smirk and gestured for Wildcat to follow me.

There he was. Doin the best he could on the dance floor and then dropping for which was to become his signature move. He was the star attraction.

Thats MY boy!!

( and yeah that's my arm to the right there pointing him out.)

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