Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rambleing rambleweed*

I really hate bigots.
I guess I may be a bigot to bigots.
Hating someone for the color of their skin is just plain dumb. That’s akin to hating a car manufacturer because they make red cars.
Humans are a race, well actually THE race. The color of their skin means nothing.
Wait until they open their mouths and talk, then you can HATE them all you want.
I grew up surround by illegal Mexicans in Cali, my best friend was a 1st generation American.
The groomsman at my wedding was a black man and I loved him like a brother.
I don’t immediately hate someone for their color, I immediately hate them because they are human. The human race sucks.
We are just parasites on a host beating each other up for the best piece of flesh. Yell FIRE in a crowded room and watch “civilized” people kill each other to just be the first out the door. Watch a riot and see how the group mind feeds the fury.

Granted, there are some good apples in the mix. Those you know, those you love, those who make your life worth living. I am not talking about those.
I am talking about the others. The ones who commit the atrocities of the world and then shrug their shoulders as if to say “what?”
The ones who think I owe them something for nothing. The ones who come into the country illegally and then want benefits because they live here. The ones who come in and refuse to learn the language of the country but get actual laws passed so they don’t have to.
Oh and the atheists who scream I believe there is no God and therefore I don’t want your child to be influenced by anyone who does. WHAT? When did this become OK? Why are we letting these ass-hats have the majority say? Screw them, If they don’t want someone to mention God to their child or pray to God in the classroom then here is a thought. Instead of relying on the school to teach your child their core values why don’t you step up and be a responsible parent and TEACH your child. They would rather listen to you anyway.
And I am pissed and ranting now so I won’t go into parents who expect the village to raise their children. You know what you get when the village raises the child? You get a village idiot.
This whole mess has just gone too far!!
Whatever happened to “cowboy up”?

Buncha pansies.

I’d tell you to go fuck yourself but that would violate your rights to be an ass hat.
(present company excluded of course.)

*I gotta stop listening to Rollins before beddie-bye time.

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