Tuesday, March 24, 2009

aah. The good ol days

There is nothing like refreshing honesty from a thief.

Here's a refreshingly honest IM session between a 419 scammer and a savvy mark who's wise the game (This may be fake, don't care, still funny):
Mr Robert Dutu: Am Robert Dutu. I have very important business proposition for your consideration. Can we chat on it?

Mike Nash: Let me guess? You have millions of dollars you want to give me. But I won't get it. Instead, you will rip me off with advanced fee fraud.

MRD: You are right.

MN: Well, appreciate the honest.

MRD: You are welcome. Pleasure chatting with you.

MN: Good luck in finding an idiot.

MRD: Thanks man

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  1. Wow, more awesome. Where do you find these things? They're great!


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