Friday, March 27, 2009

Here Kitty-kitty-kitty

Walking around in a field surprising animals and ending their lives.
Not a big fan of hunting, really. My in laws think there is something wrong with me (that is true but irrelevant in this matter.)
My Father in Law and his 2 sons are avid hunters and have asked me along on numerous times. It’s just not my thing, you know.
I am not against hunting for food and I am not against eating meat (meat is tasty). I’m not even against hunting, period. I have been hunting before and I just don’t see the thrill.
I just don’t “get it.”
If you want to sneak up one a flock of birds and kill them, why not go kill some crows or something. There are rather crafty and it would help the farmers and shit.
Hunting deer can’t be all THAT hard, you can kill them with your car.
You want to be a big hunting man and impress me then make it hard.
Hunt the quail with a bow and arrow you have to make in the wild.
That would impress me.
Hunt a deer using a primitive spear.
That would impress me.
Hunt a grizzly bear with a bowie knife.
That would really impress me.

Shooting a 10-point buck from 50 yards away with a high-powered rifle and scope?
Where is the challenge in that?
Of course, hunting a man...maybe on a secluded island?
Now THAT would be a challenge.
They ought to make a movie!
Oh wait they did
Like a zillion times.

Oh and I do like to fish though.


  1. Eeee hehehe. I'd love to go bow-hunting. I have a bow, but it needs a new string so I don't dare pull it. One of these days.


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