Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am crying

I was sitting here cruising the net and watching "The Mentalist" and my lovely daughter comes running and screams "I'm stupid!" and drops to her knees clutching her ear.
Now I love PHM but she is 13 and sometimes quite dingy.
This was NOT that much of a life altering announcement.

It seems that oh brilliant one was playing with her earring at the top of her ear "seeing what it would look like" with her ear pierced there
and how she pushed too hard and pierced her own ear.
This is when the theatrics start as she tries to convince her mom and I that she has "accidentally" pierced her ear.

She really thinks I am an idiot.
I don't think she thought it would hurt as much as it did.

pS- when confronted she failed the "I am truly innocent" by 110%. Meaning not only did she fail but she is probably guilty of something else as well.

I talked to her later about how dumb does she really think we are. She admitted it was a rather lame attempt. I give her props though for acting ability, it was a believable performance. Just not a believable situation.


  1. eh, i pierced myself somewhere like every other weekend when i was her age. and i turned out just fine.

    :) heh!

    so funny tho how we've played all the games and they think we have no clue!

    so... did you let her keep it?

  2. I was laughing so hard I was crying (to be frank, I even pee'd a little)
    Yeah she got to keep it. Hopefully it wont become infected.

  3. Ahhh hahahaha. I've done that, although without the lying bit. I just hid it for a while. Then it got infected and I took it out and learned the use of alcohol. (And not for drinking.)

    And yes, the tops of the ears really do hurt! Amazing!


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