Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trailor Made

OK FINE fuckit
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I really liked the 1st one when I saw it in the theatre.
#2 was old cheese on moldy bread found in lunchbox from childhood.
the Alien vs. Predator movies have been "OK" kinda like flat soda.
right flavor but no buzz.
This one... really don't know yet.
Like the actors.
Like the director.

Cant wait for Potter in July though.
I am a fan of the books and of the movies (books over movies for me of course but I could stare at Emma Watson (Hermione) for hours and she is of legal age now so I don't feel all creepy about it.mmmm tasty)
However I was the dip-shit that read the books and forced the family to go see the 1st one and ever since then I have been tortured by the movies everytime they are on (like today) or the inclination strikes for the wife and girl to stare at Dan Radcliffe. Once the movies have completed this will die out some. Maybe down to a more not noticeable level.


  1. I liked the original "Predator", too. Most firsts are good or excellent. Sequels, not so much.

    Haven't seen the Potter movies but loved the books. My daughter, a HUGE fan, is scheduling a trip to Universal for the opening of the HP theme park. I think she's crazy but ...


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