Friday, March 5, 2010

Plan O' Action

I just got punched in the heart by father time and Mother Nature
The bastards.
I just hurt my heart thinking that in just over 4 years Girl will be
graduating from freaking High School and then Boy 2 after that!

Wanna go home and crawl under the house.

I want my time back!

I want to keep my memories I have and create whole new ones along with

Ok starting on Thursday I am taking action. Well I am actually taking
action right now by saying I am taking action but I am putting it
in...oh never mind.

OK here is my line of thought.

I fuck up the whole "sleeping" thing.
I spend 1 day of the weekend literally sleeping it away.
Basically fatigued from a week spent without sleeping well.
I want that day back. I want to give it to my family.

Therefore, I need more energy.
The best way I can get the energy I want/need is to exercise.
Right now my exercise regime consists of remembering how to spell the
word exercise.

I "used" to be all muscle and no meat.
I "used" to be able to carry 27" to 32" TV's without breaking a sweat.
I know I won't get that much back.
My time is short (overall) and my body too damaged.

So exercise (maybe even eating better) to get more energy. If I'm going to
be exhausted I want a better reason then I cant quite get that hang of the whole "sleeping" thing.

Where I will fail.
Motivation: I get bored and distracted easily and exercise bores me.
Instant gratification: I want results by just thinking of them.
My back is poor and will only allow so much.

Where I can succeed:
I can force this body-machine to do whatever I want it to. Always have.
I WANT this.

We will see I start going with the wife to workout at the rec center
starting tomorrow. Plus that and we each are getting new bikes before
the end of April (except Boy, he just got a new one in September.)

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