Thursday, March 18, 2010

my mind wanders


The last time I was tested for my IQ it was at 143 but that was like a decade ago, I am sure it has slacked off quite a bit. I certainly don't feel as sharp as I used to. I do have a valid excuse as I go to a "doctor" who seems to believe that all my maladies can be fixed with a prescription pad.

The list is extensive (in my opinion)

I take meds to go to sleep

I take a different one to stay asleep

I take some to relax my muscles

I wear a patch for constant pain control

I then take another pain killer for any pain that makes it through

And I take a mild anti-depressant as well.

I used to take a secondary anti-D but I gave that up a while back.

I was tired for rattling when I walk and the few times we have sex I sound like a rain stick and end up putting the wife to sleep.

Oh wait... sorry off subject there.

Must be the meds (HA!)

I don't hold a lot of weight to those IQ tests and things of that nature but sometimes I do enjoy pulling out the High IQ card, just for egos sake. (Have you noticed how weird the word "sake" looks when you try to write it? It just always looks wrong. Fuckin' word.)


I am always interested in self-evaluations and psychology. I figure that if you take enough of them and average out the answers you are going to hit on a few solid points.*

Did you know that the average soul weighs 6 ounces?

I was reading an article and this scientist was actually testing for this and weighed a guy right before death and right after and could not account for the loss of 6 ounces

Granted it could have been ½ a pound of flatulence but that's just a load of shit.

And WTF anyway?

Why was he sitting waiting for the dude to pass... eesh, talk about vulture!!

Granted he wanted to know if the soul could be accounted for.

But how do you go about starting that conversation?

"Um Bob? I know you are on your deathbed and all and I really don't want to be a bother but before you skip off and join the choir visible would you mind hopping your sickly carcass up on this scale for me? I just want to be able to know how much you weigh after the reaper makes you his bitch."

It's actually rather fascinating about what makes you, "you".

I mean all we are really is just a meat machine.

The higher reasoning and thought processes, the whole "who am I" process's really shouldn't be happening.

The electrical firing in the brain by no means equal personality and yet here we are.

Yes the human race is quite the conundrum.

So much potential and yet so many worthless shit boxes.

* That's where I got my IQ points at. I took several different IQ tests that all claimed to be valid and scientific and all that and each one from a different source. Yes, most were online but not the simplistic joke ones you see on facebook and the like, but actual real IQ tests. Some said I was higher in the 150 range and some said I was lower in the high 138 to 140 range but 3 of them agreed at 143 and I felt that this was rather consistent enough to call it a valid number. I should have averaged them out but then the number was excessively pretentious and I didn't want to be like a gunslinger. Toss out a nig ol' number and everyone starts to gun for you. Even now I find that 143 gets me looks, especially when the state average is like 110.

I wanted to join Mensa at one point and even have the test but couldn't bring myself to open it and take it. I like my 143 and didn't want to goof up or have an off day and end up with a 62 or something.

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  1. I think folks have been trying to figure out what a soul weighs for a long time. Who knows, really and who cares?

    You don't need a label to know that you're smart, your writing is damn near brilliant!


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