Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am beat.

The sandman and I were fighting again last night. I was tired and he had
tickets to a Broadway play. I was up until about 230 before "drowsy"
even entered the picture.

Then up at 6 to begin the day.

Which sucks, because I overslept and should have been up at 5.

So rushed around , got ready for work and then drove the 30 minutes to
work and still made it with 3 minutes to spare.

I have been enduring the whole day with a massive headache
and head-bobbing like a water bird. I am sure it looks like I am
continually agreeing with my monitor.

Maybe I should get a desk pointed eastward so then I could just say I
was praying.


I discovered yesterday that there are 2 people on this
planet that I hate and coincidentally they are both former bosses.

#1 on the hit parade is Mark. before I met him I had used terms
such as asshole, prick, douche bag and fuck-stain on other people with
great abandon. Then I came to realize that these terms were created
especially for him and calling other people these names was doing them a
great disservice. This guy was a piece of work. Hey I will give him his
due. He had a great mind for business and could create a company from
nothing and do what needed to be done to make sure it worked.

However, this guy has/had no business what so ever at all in
dealing with employees. I don't exaggerate when I say this guy was a
weasel. A conniving little prick who believed that if you worked for him
you were his indentured slave. He was top dog and it was his way or the
highway. He had so many chances to do right by an employee and each time
refused to do the right thing.

A small smattering of examples:

Cursing like a sailor around a very devout and religious woman
and when he was asked to stop he told her "It's my company and I will
talk anyway I fucking want to.". Not only is this basically illegal in
the workplace now days but it is just ill mannered and crass to drop the
F-bomb around someone one you barely know, much less a lady. Just really
low class from a millionaire.

When my father passed away it was during the night on Tuesday
night so naturally I called into work that day. Fair enough. However, I
was only allowed 3 days of bereavement leave and I had "used one of them
when I went to the hospital when he first started crashing" which was 3
months prior. So I had to come back to work on Thursday and work so I
could be sure to have Friday off for my dad's funeral. I am aware that
technically the company did nothing wrong however in a company of under
100 people you would think a little sympathy could have been used.

I worked for them for 3 years and when it came to be my last day
there before I moved on to a better paying job no once did I get asked
why I was leaving, how they could get me to stay or anything. I was a
kickass warehouse manager for them. I created their entire warehouse
system, I routinely did the work of 4 people and I created and developed
policies throughout the company. I was a valuable employee who was well
liked by the rest of the peons.

Not a sound, word, handshake or card. I came in, I worked, I left.

Funny thing is, I am not even a disgruntled employee!!
I am just stating unbiased facts
(ok maybe a bit bias but still FACTS!)

I will get into #2 later.

Do ya'all like what I have going on here in this blog thing of mine?

I may have mentioned before that most of the ramblings here
are to get the thoughts out of my head so they don't tear up the carpet
too much as they bounce about in this noggin of mine.

Some day's it's like having a gaggle of 10 year olds on a
pixie-stick / red bull sugar rush bouncing off the walls in my head.
Can't even hear myself think.

I have made over 200 posts and even though this whole "project"
is not for the soul purposes of gaining minions to take over the world I
still wouldn't mind one or 2 more people reading what I have to say.

Speaking of such

Hey NITEBYRD if you are ever in the area you always have a place
to roost at my domain.

mi casa es tu casa

anyways point being, if you are reading this please drop a comment in the comment box just to say hey. I am curious as to who all it out there.


  1. My sweet, twisted, Zombee ~ you're also welcome if you ever make it to Florida. We can discuss all the dark matter that swirls in our warped minds!

    BTW, I think I work for Mark's twin sister. My manager is a clueless-bitch-on-wheels. My mantra for her each day is "Eat Shit And Die You Gravy Sucking Pig!"

  2. Gravy Sucking Pig!!
    love it!!


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