Monday, March 29, 2010

poly tics = Lie Disease

Listen up people.
I hate politics so I am only going to cover this once (in a while)
The ONLY reason Obama made president is because having a black man as president would be a landmark event.
Race has everything to do with this.
I am able to say that I am not a racist,
to steal from “Full Metal Jacket” I find all race, religions and colors to be equally as worthless.

I feel that its not the outside that matters it's the engine that drives the machine that matters.

I think this country would benefit from becoming a 4 year elected monarchy.
Why not?
Sure it goes against everything our ancestors fought and died for... so?
Like what we have now is so much better?
How much more fucked up could it get if one person actually made full and complete decisions?
oooh accountability!!!
That's a naughty word.
Then at the end of their term they stood before a judicial council and were judged by how and what they did.
Good= get your library and maybe an ambassador job
Bad= hung like a pinata from the Washington monument.
How many people would then be clamoring for the job?
If there is even 1 then he cant get elected because he is obviously insane.
Oh. Wait... guess I am just too late on that last part.


Have you heard that the grieving father of a slain Marine had the audacity to stand up to those worthless fuck-stains who call themselves the Westboro Church and sue them with pretty much his last dollar because the picketed his sons funeral?
Now, since they won by hiding behind the 1st amendment, he has to pay their legal fees.
How many different kinds of wrong can something be?
What about defamation of character?
Cant those ignorant (by God there are not enough inventive and colorful adjectives to pour down upon the clueless fucks) ass-hats be held accountable for that?
I know the law protects all kinds of sleaze.
That's why they invented the word "vigilante"
ride posse ride.
Sometimes majority just means all the idiots are on the same side.

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