Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I hate politics and I certainly hate politicians.
Why can’t those sons of bitches in Washington do anything right for us?
Everything they do is for the people who line their pockets and the middle class can fuck off for all they care.
All these great plans and ideas are shot down because each of those fat cats has to make sure they tag on their little piece of the pie.
How many altruistic people do you think they would be able to find if they swapped paychecks with teachers?
Ok I’m tired right now and rather pissy

I just want to know who fucking brilliant idea it was to strip the budgets of the school systems?

That is akin to mugging a bum for his sack of aluminum cans.

The one place where we as a nation cannot afford to fail any further and they have to do that. We are already raising a nation full of idiots and dimwits.
Schools now days are nothing more the glorified daycares.
Somewhere for the kids to go for 8 hours so they aint on the streets.
Stick a buncha hormone raging numbskulls in a building with a populace that has learned their manners from the various TV shows and video games they interact with.
Because the Lord knows that people aint raising their kids anymore.
Values, morals, respect, self-respect, honor and common sense all traits that people are now expecting their schools to teach their own children instead of doing it them own damn selves.

Ok so now we have these total strangers baby-sitting our kids for barely minimum wage. If you were paid as crappy as a teacher would you give a rat’s ass if the kids went home knowing more then they started out the day with?
Now, I am not talking about those special teachers. The ones who really do care and put their heart and soul into each day. Those are rare and beautiful people who have my utmost respect.

See (I think I have ranted this before) when you pay for shit you get shit. The old adage that “you get what you pay for” is 100% true!
If you are gonna pay crap all you are going to get is a warm body in a room and make sure the students are fucking or killing each other (or will even join in if they are)
That’s why ALL schools need to have triple the money that they have (or had before the government raped them).
If being a teacher was actually a high paying job then there would be a higher quality and quantity of people wanting to be a teacher.
As the levels rise of people willing and wanting to teach then *GASP* a school could actually pick and choose who taught at the schools.
As the quality of the teaching in school rose so would the quality of the education brought out of the schools.
As the better educated the kids were that came out of school the better the nation would be.
As so forth and so on.
But no.
We are in a bad economy so let’s make the nation worse overall by making sure the next generation this Jed Clampett was an early explorer and Christopher Columbus was the guy who directed Harry Potter.

Every politician from the president down should have to be fucked in the ass by a grizzly bear upon taking office. Then we will see who runs for office!
“ Do you swear…”

And there mom’s over there going
“ Don’t Mommy me Mister! I wanted you to be crack-pipe pimp but NO you had to go waste your life and want to be a senator. Well Senator take it like a man.”

OK getting way off in the rose bushes now.
2 hours of sleep does that to me.
Thank you for indulging my ramblings.

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