Monday, March 8, 2010

First Impressions

Living in a basic and boring state like Kansas really hinders one
on the possibilities of experiencing the tastes and diversity that the
world holds.

For instance: I like to do impression, for my own shits and giggles more
than anything. OK admittedly I talk to myself A LOT. (why isnt alot an actual word anyway? Spellcheck didnt like it.)
I can remember that the very first one I did was at the ripe old
age of 10 and it was Peter Lorre.
First off a 10 year old who even knows who Peter Lorre IS, is rather
amazing in itself and I thought I got it rather spot on. My dad was of
a different mindset.

My repertoire grew from there.

In my late teens I did a KILLER Jack Nicholson, Johnny Carson, Dana
Carvey's "grumpy old man", Indiana Jones and Bill Murray in Caddyshack.
I can do accents from around the world and can change my voice
rather convincingly over the phone. Anywhere from an old southern
colonel to a stuck up old British guy.

Scottish Brogues are my favorite!

I just remembered that also in my early 20's I was so verbally
limber that I had the ability to do impressions of people I had just
met. I would listen closely to their timber and inflections and could
nail it pretty good.
Nowadays I am of the mindset that if you can say an off the wall
sentence and someone can tell who you are trying to do, and then it's a
good impression.

Of course now days my voices are quite limited.
I can still do a passable Sean Connery and various dialects inflections
and Peter Lorre.
My Holy Grail though is Christopher Walken.
That's the one I am currently working off and on.
I think tonight when I get home I will check on UTUBE and see if there
is anyone giving lessons on how to do this...

Now what does all of this have to do with living in a remote area like
the Midwest?

Well when you are surrounded by farmers, airplane workers and crop
fields there really is not a big call for talent. Which is odd, you
would think that with all this innate boredom there would be a desperate
need for talent but NO. Kansas is the Milquetoast of America.

Therefore there is no where I can go locally and be taught what I want
to know.

Of course this is one of the reasons why I have a job instead of a
career as well.

When I want to know something, I want to know THAT particular
thing. I don't want to know anything else but what I want to know. Once
I have informational raped this idea or thought, I move on to the next
thing. It is because of this "flaw" that I am 40 and have no idea what I
want to be when I grow up.

Not the only reason but a big one.

How am I supposed to settle into a career when everything
interests me for a time and then I abhor it. So I have settled on a job.

Pay the bills and support the family is my main goal in life.
Maybe one of these days my greatest prayer will be answered and I
will win the lottery (trust me, I hold no delusions that this will
actually happen though).

Then I can open the used bookstore/waffle house I have always
dreamed about.


Thrill me...dripsome brain droppings here.