Friday, July 31, 2009

Where were you when I was a boy?

Kids who are Star Wars fan have always dreamed of finishing the dreaded Darth Vader themselves, using their Jedi “force” techniques, an ultra cool light saber and a giant walking carrier. Well, I can’t assure you to provide you with the former two, but, what I can promise is that this AT-AT Imperial Walker bed will surely compensate the your third want.

This user called BykManDan surely knows how to deliver geeky Star Wars crazy people with the best of merchandise, don’t you agree? The user further adds that this was specially made for his son, who is a Star Wars fan, with stuffs that are readily available in your nearest store. The user has been quite generous to provide us with the video below of the proceedings during him making this novelty.

Overall, this Star Wars AT-AT creation is something any Star Wars geek would love to go to sleep at night in.


Of course if I tried to make this it would probably end up looking like a cross between an aardvark and a lawn dart.
I have stupendous ideas but they tend to lose something in the translation from brain to hands.

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