Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello Again

I have survived my ordeal.
The hardest thing to beat is the boredom and the heat and one always feeds off the other. It gets too hot to do anything and you don’t wanna do anything because it’s so hot.
Got up to 113 degrees.
That sucked.

Beat and I went out Sunday morning to get some fishing in just him and me. He did great and caught 5 perch and I reeled in 2 good-sized cats.
I stuck them on a stringer and figured I would let my brother in law worry about cleaning them if he wanted them.
However, fate had other plans.
A few hours later, my daughter decided she wanted to take another look at these fine catfish specimens. She lifted up the red stringer line to admire my catch and then let it go.
Only then realizing that the stake had come out of the ground.
She realized her mistake as the string slipped off into the water.
“DADDY” she screamed and did the arm waving, feet prancing dance.
I happened to be standing just a bit off from her and looked over to see this redline slipping into the depths.
I knew it was too late but I had to try.
I did quite the spectacular flying dive across the 4 feet or so with my arm thrusting into the water in front of me. At one point, I was perfectly horizontal to the ground. SUPERMAN!!
I landed just in time to feel the string graze past my fingertips and then it was gone.
gravity and momentum had now caught up to me and were striving to send me into the water after the lost fish.
My PHM caught me as I went passed her and helped roll be back onto the dock. Only my right side got wet, the left was bone-dry.

“I am sooo sorry” she said and I knew she really was.

“S’ok.” I replied with a grin, looking down at my soaked shoe
“It was funnier THIS way.”


  1. As long as someone got a laugh, that's what matters. Especially when you're laughing at yourself - that's the best.

    A hundred and thirteen degrees? Holy shit. I've been bitching because it's cold here at 75, but I'm not sure I'd survive that.

  2. At least you could laugh. The temperature and closeness of kin probably melted your brain. ;)


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