Friday, July 17, 2009

I hate you.

I felt a sudden need to make a list of some of the little things in life that piss me off.
This doesn't take into account all the big ticket items like injustice and prejudice and such.
Just the small, petty day to day get under your skin kinda junk.
The daily wear and tear that weighs you down.

I am sure I missed some, but these are the ones swimming at the top of my skull.

1. Crickets (the chirping and the jumping and the brown gunk when you squish them)
2. Sweating (without exertion)
3. Laugh Tracks (trust me. if it’s funny I will know when to laugh)
4. Popup windows that spawn and spawn and spawn and Good God just STOP!
5. Blame ( I get into enough problems on my own thank you very much. I don’t need you blaming me for someone else’s mess.)
6. ALL Politics (I refuse to bow to the inner-office ass kissing and all politicians are worthless)
7. Being Ignored (I don’t talk to hear my own voice, unless I am talking to myself out loud... again.)
8. Assumptions (Never assume anything about me as I do not follow any normal set parameters on anything.)
9. Lethargy (especially when I should be enjoying my children)
10. Tradition (Just cause this is the way we have always done it does not mean we should still be doing it)
11. Money (well I have never heard anyone complain about always having all the money they need.)
12. Credit (40 years old and couldn’t mortgage a pack of gum)
13. Telephones (which shows my whore-like existence as I spend the day on the phone for my job.)
14. Bites that itch. (chiggers SUCK!! Cant even see the little bastards!)
15. Rude (Mainly being interrupted or spoken over when I am speaking )
16. Hold. (I find it hard enough to wait up to 5 minutes but don’t you DARE call me and then put me on hold immediately.)
17. Showering ( Not all showers of course but I HAVE that I have to shower each and every morning to wake my body up. If I skip the shower I never fully wake up and waste the day away.)
18. Doctors (Doctors are clueless and just want to get rid of symptoms and I just don’t like the whole dentist “thing”.)
19. Small poops with big attitudes. (This is literal. No euphemisms or anything. All that work for a rabbit pellet.)
20. Peeling ( Like when you sunburn and scratch your back and it comes back wet. Then you get a crick in your arm and neck trying to peel off the rest.)


  1. I'm with you on most of those. Doctor's especially. They take a secret "asshole" course to graduate.

  2. The concept of chiggers scares me...I'm glad I don't live in their territory. Yuck.


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