Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UNdead and loving it.

Well now 40 doesn’t feel all that different

Now I have gone from the old side of young to the young side of old.

Body still feels like it is 55
Mind still thinks it’s 29
I still act like a 12 year old.

I can still remember thinking that 45 was OLD and that’s when I was probably going to die.
Once you get there it really don’t seem that far away.

Birthday was OK, same as usual actually. One main difference was all the well wishes I was sent on Facebook. I don’t think I have ever had that many people tell me happy birthday in my life and definitely not within the last 20 years.
That was pretty cool!

My work gives each person a $100 bucks on their birthday and then gives out their age in $10’s on their “landmark” birthdays (20,30,40).
I went out and bought myself the 32” HDTV I had been wanting for some time.
My mother got me a laptop cooling base which I already have one but cant have too many when it comes to portability.
My Grandmother and In-laws sent checks (cash always makes for a great present as it is always the right color and one size fits all). Not much but enough for a couple of DVDs or a computer game (like I have the time for a game.)

My brother-in –laws have never acknowledged my birthday unless I have done some computer work for them near that date. Funny how that works.

We had storms in the area so I was out grilling steaks in the rain and lightning last night for supper. PHM remarked how Wildcat had me standing outside in the rain with a large metal fork in my hand.

That was it.

No parades, No fanfare
Just another day ending in Y (why?)

and Yeah, to point out the obvious, that's yours truly above.

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  1. You look FABULOUS! Happy belated Birthday!

    40 isn't as bad as 50 but WAY better than the alternative!


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