Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Review

I went and saw Potter on Saturday.
Not Happy about it.
Nope not at all.

I’m not gonna ruin anything for ya if you have read the books
Hell I wont ruin anything for ya if you haven’t
This aint the book.

I know they cant put EVERYTHING into the movie from the book. I understand that they have to pick a theme and run with that as the shooting script.
I just feel they really, REALLY chose the wrong direction on this one. There first “clue” they were going in the wrong direction was that they had to add shit into the movie. If you have read the books then you know that there is nothing missing from them.
They are great fun from start to finish.
So, if you feel the need to add a scene that was purely created for the movie you gotta realize you chose the wrong path.

I will say this, there were some really funny scenes in the movie.
LOL funny in fact!
They just told the wrong bloody story. They seemed to concentrate on the relationships between the characters more then anything else.
The movie is called “the half blood prince” for a reason
not whose snogging who (whom?)

I will say this. When Snape puts his finger to his lips and to indicate “shh” to Potter near the end I loudly exclaimed “oh, that’s bullshit!” and “oompf!”
(the ommpf was from the wife’s elbow embedded in my gut for making noise during the movie.)

My recommendation?
Go ahead and go, it’s worth seeing in a theater with the big sound and all.
Just go to a cheaper matinee’ showing, don’t pay full price.

This exchange took place on the way home.
(blahblah conversation,conversation)

PHM: I won’t tell you what I thought!
Wildcat: I don’t think I want to know what was in your mind.
Me: You’ve spent 20 years in mine, what’s the difference?
Beast: There’s a hot tub in mine!
Me: Game-Set and Match to the Beast.

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