Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 hour tour my ass.

Here is a lil something I have been rolling around in my head.
what do YOU think?

Gilligan = Sloth (always laying around)

Skipper = Wrath ( always beating on Gilligan)

Mr. Howe = Greed (duh! the man brought suitcases of money on a 3 hour tour)

Mrs. Howe = Gluttony ( she has so many outfits and wants more, more, more)

Ginger = Lust (Duh part duex! whatta sex kitten)

Professor = Vanity (smart and knows it but cant fix a whole in a boat?)

Maryann = Envy (of Ginger mostly)

By the way more then likely those no talent hacks in Hollywood is going to reboot, re-envision and regurgitate Gilligans Island soon (I have not checked IMDB for this but I am sure I am being far from prophetic.)
Who would you cast?
I will think on this and get back to you.

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