Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aliens are Us

If you came from another planet and discovered the human race you would run too.
This race is a parasite on the organism that sustains it, continually tries to both procreate and kill each other. They emit an explosive gas and generate acid in their bodies. Sex is such a large portion of their lives that by the actual action of procreation this will extend their life. The human’s generate various forms of chemicals to help them to adapt to their environments. this species contains such a chemical "messture" of conflicting and abhorrent traits that I recommend that it be quarantined for the next millennium and maybe even eventual sterilization

Humans glow in the dark, Eat your heart out Edward the living had it first.

  • It was revealed by ultra-sensitive cameras that our bodies emit tiny amounts of light that are too weak for the human eye to detect. Amazing pictures of "glittering" human bodies were released by Japanese scientists who have captured the first ever images of human "bioluminescence". Although it has been known for many years that all living creatures produce a small amount of light as a result of chemical reactions within their cells, this is the first time light produced by humans has been captured on camera. Strangely, the areas that produced the brightest light did not correspond with the brightest areas on thermal images of the volunteers' bodies.
  • We generate the most corrosive acid on the planet within the very depths of our bodies like and would perform a form of self-cannibalization if it weren’t for the mucus we secrete.
How much more “alien” do you want?
  • The stomach produces a new lining every 3 days to avoid digesting itself with its own acids. There's one dangerous liquid no airport security can confiscate from you: It's in your gut. Your stomach cells secrete hydrochloric acid, a corrosive compound used to treat metals in the industrial world. It can pickle steel, but mucous lining the stomach wall keeps this poisonous liquid safely in the digestive system, breaking down your lunch but not your own stomach. (Link)
  • Sex (whether with self or partner) keeps our ass from rotting.Two large studies, reported in 2003 and 2004, found that middle-aged men who had (or at least remember having) at least four orgasms a week throughout their 20s, 30s and 40s had a reduced risk of prostate cancer by as much as one-third. Some researchers speculate that ejaculations may clear the prostate of carcinogens. (Link)
  • We have various life forms that exist within and on our body that’s entire existence depend on our survival but they have no compunction about consuming their symbiotic host once it dies. In fact, there are more organisms living on your skin then the entire population of the world.
  • The bacteria in your body “hides” in your appendix like a storm shelter when you have diarrhea.
  • The bacteria in your colon makes you fart up to 14 times a day.
  • Our body is capable of producing aspirin, feel good chemical (Endorphins) and a super-human like chemical to increase out strength 10-fold (Adrenaline).
  • Eating fruits and vegetables may help the human body make its own aspirin. Findings from the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry indicate that study participants who received benzoic acid, a natural substance in fruits and vegetables, could make their own salicylic acid, the key component that gives aspirin its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

These are just some high lights.. what did I miss?

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