Wednesday, December 2, 2009

walkin and talkin

The oddest thing happened yesterday.
I was in the elevator with a couple of people from work headed out for the day. One of them, a gorgeous raven-haired beauty, was strapped up with all her yoga equipment for class later.
We had the normal chitchat on the elevator as we made it down to the lobby and we continued as we passed through the hallways to the outside. As we were traveling, I made an aside that she needed a Sherpa for her gear.
She laughed (which of course, gorgeous chick laughing at dorks joke, is the equivalent of giving a small child a lollipop for good behavior.)
Then the guy that was walking with us piped up with
“What is a Sherpa?”
Just at that moment the oddest thing happened that I have never been conscious of before.
As I was consciously formatting the reply as to the definition of a Sherpa in my head, I realized that my mouth was already moving! Not being truly aware as my intention to speak yet I tuned in to what I was saying and realized I was spewing out the precise and perfect definition of a Sherpa.
I was truly amazed at this even marveling at the “traipsing through the Himalayas” remark that went with it.
I didn’t stutter, falter or grasp for words as this pinpoint description rolled off my tongue like word marbles.
First off, I have a huge vocabulary rolling around in my noggin and yet I have a very difficult time in defining the words I use. Kind of a “I can use it in a sentence correctly but don’t ask me what it really means.”
Secondly, I had not been thinking about Sherpa that day so I am not really sure how this word popped up on the whiteboard in my head. I am sure a remark pertaining to a pack mule would have been more the normal response.
Thirdly, where did that definition come from? I cant even recall everything I said, just that last part because I wasn’t really paying attention.
This is the first time I have ever consciously been able to witness me unconsciously thinking one thing and saying another. I mentioned it to Wildcat and she was like “and?”.
I guess it is the first time I had not been in control. I am sure I was in control the whole time but there was moment there when I had no idea what was going on.

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