Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Father Kidnapped Daughter’s Killer to Bring Him to Justice

Father Kidnapped Daughter’s Killer to Bring Him to Justice

What would you do if someone killed your child, and authorities refused to extradite the suspect? Here’s what one father allegedly did:

A retired accountant whose daughter was killed 27 years ago was facing charges last night over the alleged abduction of the man he always blamed for her death.
The man was left bound, gagged and injured outside a French courtroom.
André Bamberski, 72, is suspected of taking justice into his own hands over the German authorities’ failure to act against Dieter Krombach, a German cardiologist, after a French court convicted him of manslaughter in his absence.

Mr Krombach, 74, was found trussed up with head injuries in a lane near the criminal court in the eastern city of Mulhouse on Sunday after an anonymous caller with an Eastern European accent tipped off police.
Mr Bamberski, who is of Polish origin and lives near Toulouse, was in Mulhouse at the weekend and is suspected of making the call, police said.

Do two wrongs make a right or is Bamberski – if he did do it – justified in kidnapping the (Update 10/26/09: alleged/convicted – there’s controversy about this) killer? What would YOU do if it were your child?
My thoughts?

I may have covered this before.

If it were my daughter or my son that was the victim then there would be no hope for my Mr. Krombach.
I will spare you the gory details but needless to say I have thought about this situation before and I would be merciless. Every ingenious tool that I could lay my hands on would be used. Power tools, heavy sedatives, fire, ice and hungry rabid animals would ALL be on the menu.

Losing you child to a soulless beast such as that deserves a long laundry list of depravities in return.

Sure, only God can judge man.

Somebody has to arrange the meeting though.

If I were to lose one of my children in such a manner I am sure part of my soul with be destroyed. Being such I would be careful in not being caught in such an act. If BOTH of my children were to be lost, then there is nothing on this earth I would have left to live for. Being caught would be the last thing to consider.

Arranging enough time to be able to extract my crumb of justice from the man would be my first thought.

OK I'm done venting now...

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