Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Lead characters:

Wildcat: We have been friends for 21 years, lovers for 20, married for 18, parents for 13. I have given to her everything I am and hope(d) to be. There are times Wildcat when you are my best friend and other’s my vilest nemesis. Either one is fine, but I cannot stand it when we are in the middle of the road.

Blake: Ever since High School Blake has wanted to do, nothing but sit at home with his significant other. 20+ years later Blake is still striving for this goal. When Blake is down – There is energy there and a compatriot in mischief. When Blake is up – he is reclusive, wrapped in his family cocoon and unseen. Blake knows that I am always there for him and will help him hide the bodies.

Gear: We have talked, chatted and goofed off together. We met in High School since both of us are friends of Blake and became friends as well. I think some more effort on my part and we could have even a better, greater friendship. It is hard when your old and settled, also, I don't know jack about engines and cars and Gear doesn't know computers and applications.

PHM or Princess High and Mighty: My daughter. Beautiful heart breaker girl who just happens to be blonde to the bone. I do enjoy hearing her laugh.

Beasty: My son. A hyper-active old soul who is discovering life as he goes. He and I are a lot alike, poor kid. Cute as a button too if I do say so myself.

Harley: Harley and I became fast friends about a year ago. My kids have adopted her as their Aunt. Not sure how or why THAT happened. I do enjoy talking to her. She is a treasure.

Reoccurring Characters:

Freebird: Glad you moved back, old bean. We have been through some really odd adventures together and we both know where the bodies are buried. I hope that we can create some new adventures on this side of the law.

Jack: I have known Jack for literally her entire life. Recently events have evolved and Jack and I have formed a kinship that is pretty strong and pretty close. I do hope to grow and explore this further. Jack is pretty cool and I am happy when I can be there for her to turn to.

Mr. Jones: and I met right out of High School. We liked to do things together all the time and every weekend. Then life intervened. I got married and had kids (which suck up 95% of your time) then Jones went and did the same thing. Ah, the natural tearing and ripping of time against a friendship. I haven't talked to Jones in years; even when we worked together, it was cordial and strained at best.

Mr. Smith: Longest best friend I ever had but then Smith dangled a tantalizing carrot in front of me and pulled me away from my drab life that I was making incremental progress within. This was just so he could get a bonus for hiring me. I could have said no but I knew it was a one in a lifetime opportunity. Within a week, I was miles away from everything I ever held dear in my life, broke and bankrupt and in a career I had no idea how to do. I set my entire families lives into my friend’s hands and trusted him. Next thing I realize is that I have been dumped out in the Georgia wilderness with Smith’s estranged spouse and forgotten about. I saw him at work occasionally but that’s was it. I got pretty pissed off and depressed at this entire situation. I had NO money, no support system, no friends, no family, my kids were just babies (at the time) and I missed them so much.
Then the dotcom went belly-up.
Long story short I never even told him when I moved back to Kansas.

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